About Take The Lead


TAKE THE LEAD is a 501C-3 organization, established in 2014 by Gloria Feldt and Amy Litzenberger, with offices in NY and AZ, and a global reach. Our mission is to prepare, develop, inspire and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. Yes, 2025!

We started Take The Lead to solve the problem that women hold less than 20 percent of top leadership positions, regardless of sector — a number that hasn’t moved much in 20 years.

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Developed by leadership expert, Gloria Feldt, the 9 Leadership Power Tools and program curriculum helps women shift from the outdated, oppressivePower Overto the expansive, positive and innovative Power To crack the code that has held women back from leadership parity. Embraced with intention and rooted in a sophisticated concept of power, the 9 Leadership Power Tools give women immediately usable ways to navigate the world as it is, while leading the changes that need to be.

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In three years and with the support of our partners, Take The Lead has reached over 1 million women with free resources, virtual and live trainings, mentoring, and role modeling that ensure women set and have the tools to achieve higher intentions for themselves and their communities or organizations. We have a network of Leadership Ambassadors across the country who are expert certified leadership trainers with expertise in sectors such as tech, healthcare, nonprofit, media and entertainment, and finance. To learn about our founders, board of directors and advisory board, click here.